Galen Youth On-Site Sports Medicine

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Youth Sports Medical Solutions.

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Pre-Season Athlete medical screenings

Including allergy, medical condition, and medication tracking. Ensuring in the event of an emergency, pertinent medical information is on hand to allow safe effective treatment. We are proud to announce that we now offer baseline concussion testing, and on-site concussion testing.

Pre-game field safety and equipment checks

We show up early to reassure that the field is fit for play. We also set time aside before the game begins to check over safety equipment, ensuring that no unnecessary injuries take place.

On-site medics

There is nothing more important that peace of mind when your child is on the field, court or track. Galen provides certified EMT's during each game to provide immediate care to players who have been injured. Our EMT's will assess the child's injuries, treat them within their abilities and provide suggestions on whether the child needs to be transported or needs further follow up care. In some instances having medical care available on-site could save the lives of the most important people in our lives.

Emergency action plans

We plan for the worse to save precious life-saving time. Our emergency action plans breakdown what should be done in the event of an emergency, from direct point of contacts for emergency services to rendezvous locations for ambulances and air evacuation assets, we cover it all.

sports injury tracking and statistics

We keep good count of our work and pass it on to you. At the end of the season, we provide statistics, trends, and recommendations to help your organization, league, and team implement controls in the future to further prevent youth sports injuries.

Baseline Concussion Testing

We recently launched our mobile baseline concussion testing facility. Our mobile testing facility provides convenience for the parents, children, and coaching staff due to the ease of baseline testing on-site at any practice, registration, or event.

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  • “Stop The Bleed” Training